HOPS Granite Monument


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The Historic Ocala Preservation Society (HOPS) is now offering a unique opportunity
to residents of the historic district!

Signage displaying the proud history of your home may be mounted on a beautiful granite monument. Information such as the year your home was built and the architectural style will be included. HOPS is proud to partner with the City of Ocala in offering the OnCell/ phone app program. A QR code embedded on the sign will facilitate walking tours through our historic districts.

Display your pride in our Neighborhood!

The granite monument will be located near the sidewalk on your property, and the dimensions measure 17 inches wide by 9 inches. The staff of HOPS will gladly assist you with customizing the message for your sign.

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For for questions, or to order with cash or check, please contact HOPS (352) 484-0502, or by email: Hops_admin@historicocala.org