Our Board Members have a variety of interests and expertise in business, the arts, history, and education.  Many of them serve as members or board members of other local community and historical organizations.

The monthly HOPS Board Meetings are not up to the public, but if you have business to discuss please bring it to the President’s attention prior to the meeting. Yearly meetings are held each January for all HOPS Members. 

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HOPS has always been a group of volunteers, committed to change. Whether on a large or small scale, our board is looking to make an impact on Ocala and its history.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed group of citizens can change the world. -- Margaret Mead

Our Board Members:

Lela Kerley – PRESIDENT
Linda Anker 
Bryan Caracciola 
Rebecca Dallman 
Rebecca Drake 
Sean Gallaway 
Matthew Grow 
Andrew Grunther 
Lela Kerley 
Trish Kilgore 
Caryl Lucas 
Rita Masters
Leslie McCullough
Penny Miller 
Rick Perry 
Dennis Phillips 
Kathleen Ramirez 
Bonnie Rodriguez 
Pamela Stafford 
Brian Stoothoff 
Rhoda Walkup 
Diana Williams  
Holly Yocum